The Last Supper - Three King’s Church, Goa

Goa is India's most popular tourist destination, because of its exotic beaches, churches, kinds of seafood, and Portuguese heritage. One of the smallest states in India but coastline stretching for over 100 km. I have been to Goa 6-7 times and explored North Goa mostly. So this time I made an exception and decided to spend extended weekends in South Goa. Beaches in south goa are lesser-known but beautiful.

Along with 3 friends, we stayed near Colva beach. While we were having a late-night dinner on the second day in a beach resort, we switched our topic of discussion to horror stories. Everyone in the group had their own stories to share. While we were talking one of my friends said do you know in Goa there is one haunted church?

I was caught napping, I said yes but I don’t know where is that? Knowing my interest in exploring the paranormal world, my friends started pulling my leg. Then I asked one of the serving waiters to come and enquire about any haunted church in Goa.

He got excited and said you must be asking about Three King’s church. it's nearby, hardly 30 mins of drive.

I said wow, let me quickly find this on google map and voila

The church was indeed a 25 mins drive from our beach resort. I looked at one of my friends and he knew what I was thinking. He shouted let’s go guys!!!

One of my other friend (let's call him Mr. X), was not so sure and bit hesitant, said let's go tomorrow morning. It's too late now. Now it was my turn so I said come on, it’s hardly 10 pm, let’s go and explore.

He reluctantly agreed and four of us in two scooty (two-wheelers) started our journey to Goa’s most haunted place. I was riding one and my reluctant friend (Mr. X) was pillion on other scooty ahead of us, got job to turn on google map and help us to navigate.

After 20 mins, suddenly they stopped in the middle of the road and by the time I reached there. Mr. X said there is some problem in scooty, It's not starting and the navigation system is also stopped. The place where we stranded was beautiful. We could see big palm trees on both sides of the road. Moonlight but no one around. Occasionally sound of Dogs howling from distance.

All tried to start the scooty and after some failed attempt it started. But Mr X got scared and said guys I don’t think we should go, its bad omens. See the navigation is also not working and the mobile signal is very weak. So we don’t know how far is the church and in which direction.

I checked my mobile and turned on google map. It took time but showed Church is another 6-7 mins drive. But Mr X was not ready, we three tried convincing him but didn’t work. Finally, we gave up and decided to go back to our resort.

Ride back to the resort was smooth and we four hardly spoke to each other. Reached resort and then retired to bed.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, finally we opened up and asked can we go after finishing breakfast. Mr. X seemed to be normal and said let's go. We all are here for fun and exploring things, why waste time? It was our last day in Goa, we had an overnight bus to return.

We smiled, again on the road to Three King’s Church.

Earlier in the morning, I spent some time reading about its history, what went wrong there, why it's tagged as haunted. Here is the story

The church officially known as Our lady of Remedios Chapel was built in 1599 by Fr Gonzalo Carvalho S.J.

We all know Goa was a former state of the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese overseas territory of Portuguese India existed for about 450 years until it was annexed by India in 1961.

Before 1961 there were three Power Hungry Kings, they claimed that this area belonged to them. They always used to fight to rule this area. This leads to unrest in the region. Many people tried to pacify the situation and advised Kings to find a solution. One day one of the king Holder Alvunger invited the other two kings for Dinner at church and also proposed to find the solution of their fights. Both the king arrived and had dined, unknowingly that King Holder had mixed poison in their food, they died eventually. 

King Holder now excited and announced the world that he is the only king here. Locals in this area were very upset when they found what King Holder had done. So they all turned against the king. King in his attempt to escape from the crowd, committed suicide by consuming the same poison.

Later bodies of all 3 kings are buried under the church.

Now over 70 years passed, locals, claim that the spirit of the kings still wanders with anger and violence. We don’t know how much truth but an investigation by several paranormal investigators added fuel to their claims.

This time without any problem we reached Three King’s church and wow what a location it was. It is located atop a hill in Cuelim south Goa, from there you can get good vantage points over nearby areas. On one side are lush green fields and on the other side is the deep blue ocean. How much beautiful place can be haunted?

The church was also well maintained, at one glance you would not feel any difference. When we reached there, only a couple of other people around. We took some pictures and explored every nook and corner of the church complex. Such a peaceful and calm atmosphere it was. I didn’t feel any wrong about the place. But in the night time, it could be completely different. Anyways people love ghost stories and this place is the truly perfect setting for them to create stories, rumors.

Typing “Three kings church Goa” in a Google search only shows articles and links referring to the horror stories related to the place. However, no credible source mostly heard from someone else or rumors.

When we hear the word “Church”, we feel that the place of peace of mind, God’s house but can it also house to angry ghosts? Who knows?

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