Kalpalli Cemetery - Truth of Bangalore's Most Haunted Place

Cemetery and graveyards are always spooky, be it small or big. A place where you have several people getting cremated and buried, how that place can’t be haunted and if that place is one the oldest in the city, people will certainly tag it to most haunted.

In Bangalore, anyone who is interested in paranormal heard about Kalapalli Cemetery. A quick search on the internet will tell you its one the most haunted place in Bangalore. But not everything written on the Internet is verified and true.

Kalapalli Cemetery is situated at old madras road in Bangalore also known as St. John Cemetery as its under control of St. John Church. There is no official record of the exact year available when this cemetery is started but looking into Wikipedia (Though I don’t trust it much) the earliest burial was in 1820.

Here are the claims made by people, blogger and newspaper

  • Many people have spotted a man like a figure lurking around the grave
  • People passing by feeling uneasiness and sense of being watched
  • Presence of evil spirit

It was fun reading all the blogs and newspaper articles. The reason being no one had provided any evidence, any picture and they were blindly following the crowd. Many copy and paste content from internet and you could see the similarity on those articles. I feel bad when I search any place on google, all you get is unverified fake articles.

Anyways so we in Team Pentacle decided to find out the truth of Kalapalli Cemetery. With all due permission spent a couple of nights at the cemetery, talking to people living nearby. We wanted to know
  • Is this place haunted?
  • Who is that scary looking man wandering around the graveyard in the nights?
  • What makes people uneasy and anxious when they visit the place?
  • Is there a presence of the evil spirit?

Here is what we found out
  • This is place is big, unfortunately turning to kind of dump yard. Lack of maintenance was clearly evident. We could see many graves were very old. 
  • It quite natural that your devices will pick up some reading during the investigation, but it has to be backed up by other pieces of evidence which we could not find. We took many pictures hoping to get something. There were orbs but not significant. 
  • During our first visit, we were surprised to see four youngsters, sitting at the top of one of the graveyards and drinking. How did they enter? The answer was a broken wall at one side of the cemetery. We talked to them and they admitted that it’s their regular hang-out place at night. Have they observed anything? The answer was no. For them, it’s the most peaceful place where without any disturbance they can talk and drink. 
  • The security guard of the cemetery is old man, he had a family living at the cottage inside the cemetery (near the gate). When we inquired him if he has seen anyone roaming around the graveyard, any shadows. He said no. More-ever he told us he is the man who roams around the night with touch light to check if there are any intruders and sometimes, he had made weird noises so that intruder fly with fear.
  • The claim of uneasiness feeling is completely subjective. If you are passing through a big graveyard in the night, with hardly any people around, you will always feel uneasiness. This could happen to anyone in an isolated place.
Overall, this place is like any other graveyard or cemetery, you may find some energies here and there but doesn't mean its the most haunted place. There are 2-3 families living inside, the cemetery in bang in middle of city with urban population around.  There is no news of anyone feeling uncomfortable, scared. I can't stop rumors from spreading but certainly can come up with verified observations and facts. There is saying "don't spread with your mouth, what your eyes didn't see"

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